National Centre for Audiology

Current Students

Our current students in the Child Amplification Lab work with internationally-recognized leaders in pediatric audiology. Students earning their doctoral or master's degree engage in hands-on experience, data collection and research. Scholarly articles produced from our lab add to a growing body of best-practice literature and protocols in our field. Meet some of the students who help make the Child Amplification Lab a leader in research, and are part of the reason we have one of the best pediatric audiology labs in the world.   

Linh Nguyen-VaccarelloLinh Nguyen-Vaccarello, MSc, is a combined MClSc/PhD student in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. She is co-supervised by Drs. David Purcell and Susan Scollie. Her current research interests involve studying the mechanisms of auditory feedback during speech production in individuals with hearing loss and how hearing aids affect the use of auditory feedback. The goals of the research are to reveal information about maintenance of speech production and perception and possibly create an alternative hearing aid outcome measure using the altered auditory feedback paradigm.

JohnnyJonathan Vaisberg is a combined MClSc/PhD student in the Graduate Program in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. He is co-supervised by Drs. Ewan Macpherson and Susan Scollie. While training as a registered clinical audiologist, Jonathan’s area of interest is to investigate the impact of hearing loss on music perception and performance, and how assistive listening devices can be used to mitigate those effects.