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Mary Beth Jennings, Ph.D. is the director of the HearCare Audiologic Rehabilitation Laboratory and worked clinically in the area of adult audiologic rehabilitation for 13 years prior to the start of her academic career. She is an Associate Professor with the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty Researcher with the National Centre for Audiology. 
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Christine Meston is a Doctoral Candidate in the Graduate Program in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, an Instructor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and a practicing Clinical Audiologist. Areas of interest include audiologic rehabilitation (AR) processes and the provision of AR services for adults and children with hearing loss, counselling in audiology practice, and the use of assistive listening technologies for individuals with hearing loss. Her doctoral research investigates how adolescents with hearing loss transition to self-manage their hearing health care. In collaboration with the H.A. Leeper Speech and Hearing Clinic and the National Centre for Audiology, Christine also provides audiologic rehabilitation services for adults with hearing loss.

RaphaelleRaphaelle Koerber is a Doctoral Candidate studying under Dr. Jennings in the HearCare Audiologic Rehabilitation Laboratory. Drawing on her background in psychology and concurrent training in Western’s clinical audiology program she is developing an audiologic rehabilitation program to support the growing number of working adults with hearing loss to remain productively employed.
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Ashley MartindaleAshley Martindale is a MSc student in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She is co-supervised by Drs. Mary Beth Jennings and Margaret Cheesman. Ashley’s research interests involve adult Aural Rehabilitation. Her current research is focusing on the experiences of women and why women in the workforce who have a hearing loss choose or choose not to access resources. The outcomes of this research will present preliminary results that will help increase the number of individuals with a hearing loss who choose to access the necessary resources in a timely manner.
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