National Centre for Audiology

Reverberation chamber

Student in the reverberation chamber

The Reverberation Chamber simulates reverberant environments and is similarly equipped to the anechoic chamber, making protocols portable between environments. Significant reverberation as may be encountered in churches, airport terminals, gymnasia and large classrooms, reduces speech intelligibility and increases listening effort, especially for those with hearing impairment. While technologies are now available to effectively deal with interference from noise, we remain relatively unable to deal with reverberation which adds temporal interference to signals.

Assessment of speech-in-noise performance of many listeners has revealed a population of hearing impaired listeners whose hearing is similar but who have exceptionally poor performance in reverberation but not under anechoic conditions.

Researchers can simulate various listening situations in a controlled 3-D environment to assess the electroacoustic and perceptual benefits of new hearing aid processing algorithms or assistive devices.

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