National Centre for Audiology

The rule of strong research: collaboration

Participant and Philipp NartenDean, Research Participant, and Philipp Narten at the Translational Research Unit, NCA (R)

Partnerships are at the core of research. Solving hearing problems needs the interdisciplinary teams of research and industry to effectively support millions of people around the world who have hearing loss.

At the National Centre for Audiology, we know that technological advancement and research knowledge help Canadians. That’s why we partner with industry partners such as Audioscan located in Dorchester, ON.  We recently finished a joint project series and presented our research findings at the AudiologyNow! Conference, held April 13 – 16 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our collaborative project focused on the measurement of hearing aids on the real ear and in the coupler. These types of measures are essential for the proper fitting of amplification systems for adults and children with hearing loss. Together with Audioscan, we are collecting and analyzing data to advance the fine details in the fitting and measurement of hearing aids.

“Hearing solutions don’t come from research institutions alone. They come from people with diverse backgrounds working together in science and industry with a commitment to understanding complex hearing challenges,” says Paula Folkeard at the National Centre for Audiology who is the coordinator of the Translational Research Unit - a lab that was developed to bring industry and research together.  

Three posters and an Exhibitor Course were presented using the Audioscan Verifit 2; wRECD and RECD measurement comparisons; and, the Verification of Telephone Technologies with the Tele-test handset.

See the posters at Audioscan: