National Centre for Audiology

Audiology students meet seniors' needs in hearing health


NCA Students stand with their poster, title Ears to You

Audiology Students Participate in Wellness Fair at the Horton Street Seniors Centre. As part of their course work in CSD 9531 – Aural (Re)Habilitation: Theory to Practice course, students in the final year of the audiology program have the opportunity to participate in a variety of practical experiences in-house and in the community. This course is a Community Engaged Learning Course at Western. Course instructors are Mary Beth Jennings, PhD, Associate Professor, National Centre for Audiology PI and Audiologist; Brenda Buckrell, MClSc, Audiologist, and; Christine Meston, PhD (candidate), Audiologist.

One such opportunity was a Wellness Fair at the Horton Street Seniors Centre, located at the Boys and Girls Club of London. The event was held on March 4, 2016 from 9 am to 1 pm. Sebastien Pilon, Kylie Campbell, Kathryn Toner and Michelle Kimel, MClSc Audiology students (pictured here) designed the information booth, interacted with those in attendance and provided a 45-minute formal presentation on hearing health care. Approximately 200 adults from the London community were registered and attended the event.