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It's "Crunch" Time at the Anechoic Chamber


TheDanocracy shooting Taco Bell Canada commercial

Dan James Rodo, aka TheDanocracy, a popular YouTube and Twitter personality, talks about shooting a Taco Bell Canada commercial at the National Centre for Audiology's anechoic chamber.

Tell us about the commercial.
I was invited by Taco Bell Canada to try their new Cheetos Crunch Wrap Slider in the anechoic chamber. The idea was that they wanted me to really be able to hear how crunchy their new item was. I was amazed by the sounds I was able to hear while eating in there.

What did you think about the anechoic chamber?
It was such a cool experience! Being able to hear the sounds of your clothing move as you walk makes you feel like you have bionic hearing. The room itself looks very intimidating when you first walk in because of all the wedges sticking out of the walls.

It's said that in the anechoic chamber, you become the sound. Can you relate?
I would have loved to have had the lights off and just walk around in there for 2 minutes. I think that statement would be true if sight wasn't a factor. The intensity in sound of every movement is pretty incredible and to have a sense like vision taken out of the equation would truly make you become the sound.

As a media guy, how would you use the anechoic chamber?
It's funny because one of the first things I asked when I got there was if they use the room to record special sound effects for movies. I think it would be extremely useful for video makers to have access to a room like that because you are really able to hear all the detail in things you never thought made that much sound.

What were you surprised by?
I was surprised by how comfortable I felt. There were some people that went in before me that couldn't stay in for more than 5 minutes because it gave them some anxiety. When I first got in there I was expecting to feel very tense but it was surprisingly relaxing! I'd come back with friends. I got a pretty good experience myself but if I could see what my friends' reactions would be, man, that would be awesome!

What did you learn about the NCA?
I learned more about my ear in the three hours that I was there than I have ever learned before. I think the coolest thing was learning about how complex the hearing aid is. I feel a lot of people think it's just a general amplification device but after learning about what those things can do....insane!!

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