National Centre for Audiology

Hear us out during international listening awareness month

Nyell Kreamer-Tonin and Johnathan Vaisberg (R)Nyell Kreamer-Tonin, CHRW, and Jonathan Vaisberg, NCA (R)

Jonathan Vaisberg, PhD student at the National Centre for Audiology, teamed up with CHRW to talk about hearing aids, music, and good ear health during March’s International Listening Awareness Month.​ Listen to the full interview with Nyell Kreamer-Tonin on the 10 O'Clock Takeover at Wake Up Western, CHRW.  

Recreational noise is a serious concern for university students who wear headphones and turn up the volume on their audio device to unsafe levels. “If you look around the campus,” Vaisberg says, “you won’t find many students without their earbuds in.” Listening to music too loudly causes dangerous levels of noise exposure, and puts students’ hearing at risk. Vaisberg wants students to know how to effectively take care of their hearing health.

​Permanent hearing loss has serious consequences for well-being, and alters the way people enjoy and experience music. Sometimes people with hearing loss may use hearing aids to amplify and clarify speech sounds in daily conversations. However, some people find that hearing aids don’t amplify music as effectively as they amplify speech.

​Vaisberg is a self-proclaimed “campfire” musician, who​ appreciates music, and it was during one of those campfire nights when he decided to learn more about audiology and how people who wear hearing aids experience music. He blended his interest in music and audiology, and developed a multidisciplinary PhD ​research program . He hopes to improve hearing aids to better process music and optimize music signals​.

​Jonathan Vaisberg is one of five students in the combined PhD and audiology program at the National Centre for Audiology.  ​For research collaboration, or just to ​invite him to your campfire, send him a message.