National Centre for Audiology

Bring Your Kids to Work: Working At the NCA


Grade 9 students participated in two hands-on workshops to help assess hearing during the national program, Take Your Kids to Work Day.  This annual program encourages parents and family friends to bring their children to work because it helps youth make connections between school and future life opportunities.   

Providing the perspective of audiologists, graduate students, Linh Vaccarello and Rebekah Taggart, provided hands-on activities involving hearing screenings, hearing aids, and using an otoscope equipped with a camera to take photos of the youths’ ear canals and eardrums. “I liked learning about the cone of light,” says Paige Martineau, a grade 9 student, and family friend of George Qubty, who works at Western University. “The cone of light is one indicator of a healthy eardrum,” says Rebekah Taggart.

The National Centre for Audiology believes in the value of partnering with schools and community during Take Your Kids to Work Day.  

“It is our privilege to give highschool students the chance to learn about real world career choices in audiology,” says Prudence Allen, Director & Associate Professor, NCA. “As a learning environment, we have an obligation to young people to help open up conversations about the roles of audiologists and researchers in hearing science.”