National Centre for Audiology

Audiology Students Win National Inter-university Award


Graduating Audiology Students

A project by Western University audiology students has won a national inter-university competition. Awarded by the Canadian Academy of Audiology, the annual award honours students who address challenges in the audiology profession, and help promote hearing health.

The National Centre for Audiology and School of Communication Sciences and Disorders students won the award for their design of a promotional video to address the challenge of inter-professional collaboration in the audiology profession. The video targets medical students in Canada to better educate and integrate audiology and medicine.

"The students went above and beyond what was expected for this challenge and took it upon themselves to contact the program heads of medical programs all over Canada to distribute their video," said Bonnie Cooke, Chair PR/A Committee, CAA. We look forward to welcoming these students as audiologists in Canada and we are assured that will be strong advocates for the field of Audiology!"

The team was recognized at an award ceremony on Oct. 22, 2015 at the 18th annual Canadian Audiology conference in Niagara Falls, ON.

Watch the video.