National Centre for Audiology

NCA and international researchers collaborate in Italy.


Exhibition and Conference Centre at Villa Erba

NCA researchers exchanged knowledge about emerging hearing technologies with 700 delegates representing 60 countries at the first-ever Hearing Across the Lifespan conference in Italy from June 5-7, 2014.

Focusing on a continuum of hearing from childhood to aging, this is the first conference for researchers in pediatric and adult audiology to interact and address hearing screening needs across a person’s lifetime.

Researchers (Bagatto, Easwar, Moodie, Moodie, and Scollie) participated in the HEAL conference and in its satellite events focusing on hearing technologies, and knowledge sharing and translation among the international pediatric audiology community.

Exchanging information with experts in multidisciplinary fields offers opportunities for collaborative research and fosters enhanced cooperation in clinical research.

The HEaring Across the Lifespan conference is a result of a friendly merger between two previous conferences: the Newborn Hearing Screening (NHS) and Adult Hearing Screening (AHS) conferences.​