National Centre for Audiology

Sounding Waters - June 14th and 21st

Anechoic Chamber

Media artist Chris Myhr from the Department of Visual Arts will be presenting a new work entitled Sounding Waters (Tama River, Tokyo) in the Beltone anechoic chamber at the National Centre for Audiology at Elborn College from 11:00am-4:30pm on the following dates: 

Friday, June 14 (by appointment only)

Friday, June 21

These sessions are open to the public, and anyone interested is welcome to visit the chamber for an extremely unique listening experience. Visits this Friday will be by appointment only, but those familiar with the layout of Elborn College (located at 1201 Western Road) may drop in any time during the June 21 session next week. 

Email Chris at for more information, or to schedule a meeting time on either day.

Sounding Waters is a multi-channel surround sound composition which is part of a body of work entitled Point Line Intersection: In and Around Urban Waters. The project examines the vast array of stakeholders which come together through the medium of water, and underscores the tension between water as a facilitator of urban activity and culture, and water as a source of immense destructive power.

The composition features nearly 50 underwater recordings captured in July 2012 from the three major river systems which run through the city of Tokyo. Using surround sound technology, these recordings are arranged in a way that renders an immersive "sound map" of the river waters.

Click here for information on the Beltone anechoic chamber and the National Centre for Audiology.