National Centre for Audiology

Information for Potential Participants

TRU Participants

The Translational Research Unit is a division of the National Centre for Audiology at Western.

The TRU has a database of adult participants with a wide range of hearing levels - from normal to profound. In the TRU, we conduct research with hearing aids, cell phones, assistive devices, and audiology testing equipment. We also recruit for other NCA studies.

Here are some examples of the various studies in which our participants have been involved:

As a study comes along, we look through the database and contact those who would be appropriate candidates.  When we contact you, we let you know what we are looking at, how much of a time commitment the project would take, and what we would ask you to do. Participants can decline to enroll in any study that does not interest them.  They can request to be removed from the database at any time.

When you come in to run a study, you are compensated for your time.  We also cover your parking.  If you are in need of a hearing aid, we suggest that you see a clinical audiologist in the community as we cannot guarantee you will be put in a hearing aid field trial.

If you are interested, the first step is to make an appointment where a registered audiologist will take a case history and test your hearing. The appointment takes about 45 minutes.  You can arrange an appointment by emailing or by calling: 519-661-2111 ext 88936


The TRU is located in Elborn College at 1201 Western Road at the University of Western Ontario. Elborn College is located at the northwest corner of Western and Sarnia Road.


If you are driving then please pull up in the round-a-bout and put your hazards on. Come into the building and turn left. Obtain a parking pass at the reception desk and put it on the dash of your car. You can then park in the reserved for clinic spaces in the lot. If these spots are full, please park in any other non-reserved spot within the Elborn lot. (Please do not park at the meters) When you re-enter the building, have a seat in the waiting area in front of the reception area and we will come and get you.

If you have any questions, please contact the TRU