Licensing & Verification

The Desired Sensation Level prescription is embedded in software as a means of fitting hearing aids to pediatric and adult patients. Our software includes the prescriptive formulae, normative data, and logical rules that are used in combination to compute a hearing aid prescription for an individual user, per ear.

DSL software is in demand by audiologists and is currently licensed by over 20 manufacturers worldwide. Each manufacturer implements DSL and sends it for testing at Western’s National Centre for Audiology before commercial release. Our researchers evaluate each implementation across a wide range of cases and minimum implementation requirements and provide feedback for ongoing quality assurance.

DSL software accommodates multiple memories, factors in multi-channel compression, and allows for expansion processing. It is developed in a clinical environment with practical considerations as a basis for development. It provides the following patient benefits:

  • Select a frequency response that meets audibility requirements
  • Compression characteristics match technology to the user’s need.
  • Accommodate the overall prescription to real-world listening environments

Current DSL software can support a wide range of applications and technologies:

  • Infants and children who use hearing aids
  • Adults who use hearing aids
  • Bone-anchored hearing aids (in development)
  • Hearing aid analyzers and real ear measurement systems

Contact us if you are interested in embedding DSL v5.0 within your systems, or if you have questions about how DSL can be modified to work with your product.

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