Frequency Lowering Verification

Protocol and Stimuli

For our research on outcomes with frequency-lowering hearing aids, we have developed verification stimuli that simulate a female “s” and “sh” sound, and associated protocols for their use in hearing aid fitting and verification.

These stimuli have now been published (Scollie, Glista, Seto, Dunn, Schueet, Hawkins, Pourmand, & Parsa. (2016). Fitting frequency lowering signal processing applying the AAA Pediatric Amplification Guidelines: Updates and Protocols, Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. Updated stimulus files that were used in this study are available for download below.

Stimuli for Hearing Aid Verification

UWO sh -6 (WAV file)

UWO s -10 (WAV file)

These stimuli are compatible with Audioscan systems and must be loaded to a USB stick as per the user’s manual instructions. These have been level-adjusted for you. The “-6” and “-10” indicators at the end of the filename support calibration and should not be changed. Other brands of test equipment may require the stimuli to be pre-processed and loaded into a specific directory on your computer. Please contact your company representative if you wish this functionality.

The protocol document below shows examples of how to use these stimuli when fitting and fine-tuning various types of frequency lowering.