DSL in Software

  • The DSL v5.0 prescribes hearing aid gain and output for infants, children and adults
  • We transfer the DSL v5.0 software for use inside hearing aid programming software, and you may already have access to DSL in your clinical tools
  • Most hearing aid and hearing aid analyzer manufacturers embed DSL within their systems, and we test these for accuracy

DSL by Hand

Although this worksheet is not as inclusive as our software, it is an effective teaching tool to illustrate the details that go on behind the scenes in software development.

DSL by hand PDF

How to use DSL

These reference sheets will walk you through a simulated patient and highlight the key steps in using DSL on specific, commercially-available hearing aid verification systems. They can help you set up your system for use with DSL, and point you to important menus such as the RECD measurement tools.