World Literatures and Cultures

2017-18 Modern Languages and Literatures 


FALL/WINTER (Tentative Schedule)


WLC 1030: World Literatures and Cultures East to West and North to South (cross listed with CLC 1010)
Explore the roots of today’s global world through a selection of writers, artists, and works that have changed, challenged, and connected civilizations, past and present.  Engage with a variety of visual material inspired by the literary masterworks under examination. Find out how stories - old and recent - relate so forcefully to our lives, how they shape our understanding of love, justice, power, happiness, and other universal aspects of the human condition. Travel from Europe to Asia, from Africa to the Americas; along the way, discover the artistic wonders of some of the capitals of world culture.

No prerequisite required, can be used as a prerequisite for entry into the Minor in Comparative Literature and Civilization.

Fall/Winter WLC 1030 Instructor: L. Pocci Syllabus 

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