Language Teaching Observation Program

Language Teaching Observation Program (LTOP): 

In the year 2016/17, this program will be compulsory for all Spanish TAs and optional for TAs of other languages. In this program, TAs will be grouped with two other instructors and on two occasions (once in the 1st semester and once in the 2nd semester) they will attend each other’s classes and observe each other in their own teaching environment. After each round of observations, there will be a meeting where the three TAs will provide each other with written and oral feedback that will help improve the group members’ teaching skills and instruction techniques.


Program outcomes:

- Critique the strengths, as well as weaknesses, of language TAs by providing them with constructive and actionable feedback

- Demonstrate ability to reflect on and improve teaching strategies by implementing other instructors' suggestions

- Use a variety of teaching strategies related to language instruction

- Develop a network of support among language TAs on campus

For more information on the LTOP program please contact the Lead TA, Adriana Soto-Corominas at