Angela Borchert

borchertAssociate Professor, German and Comparative Literature
Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Ph.D. Princeton
Office: UC 3309
Extension: 82210


Areas of Interest

  • German Literature 1700 to 1900
  • Comparative Literature 1650 to 1900
  • 18th and early 19th Century cultural studies, art history and cultural history
  • Gender studies, literary, narrative and genre theory
  • German language


My research concentrates on everyday cultural and poetic practices primarily in Weimar from 1750 to 1830 with publications on the Weimar fashion journal, Das Journal des Luxus und der Moden, fashion history, dance and particularly on occasional poetry. I focus on ephemeral media and the poetogenetic potential of the environment. My book Poetische Praxis: Gelegenheitsdichtung und Geselligkeitsdichtung an Herzogin Anna Amalias Hof in Weimar, Ettersburg und Tiefurt shows how landscape gardens serve as sociable spaces for the transformations of occasional poetry. For an upcoming article in Tapezierte Interieur-Anordnungen. Narrative des Wohnsubjekts um 1800, I address arabesque interior wall decoration - wall paper - and its poetic transformation with Edgar Allan Poe. 

Research Groups

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Recent Courses Taught

GER 2215G   Exploring German Culture 

CLC 2204F    Research Methods: Reading and Writing 

GER 3311G   The Culture of German Classicism and Romanticism  

CLC 3302G/ GER 3360G    Berlin: Reco(r)ding a City    

CL  9698   Creativity and Gender around 1800: inspired artists and deviant women? (graduate seminar)