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U.W.O. Media Watch is an on-campus awareness group committed to promoting positive images of equality and diversity while eliminating negative prejudice and stereotypes seen in our campus media.

It is a student-driven group with representatives fromthe University Students' Council, the Department of Equity Services, Student Development Office, Housing and Auxiliary Services, and the general community.



What We Do:

U.W.O. Media Watch challenges damaging stereotypes (e.g., homophobia, racist, sexist images), and encourages the creation of a media which respects the wide diversity of students on campus.

U.W.O. Media Watch will:

  • Create positive images with respect to diversity on campus.

  • Challenge offensive and discriminatory posters, newspaper articles, newspaper headlines, and advertisements that are aimed at university students and the campus community.

  • Help to create an environment at Western that is respectful of difference and diversity.


U.W.O. Media Watch recognizes that every day, university students are bombarded with media images that can be both negative and oppressive.

When advertising and media aimed at students portray only airbrushed people who are white, slim, rich, and able-bodied; a large population of students who do not fit this image is not visible. This lack of representation in a diverse community contributes to the existing inequality in our society.

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