Graduate Supervisors and Their Research Interests

The following is a list of faculty members at Western who are interested in supervising graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. For more information on each individual member, please see their home page. You can view a complete list of the Faculty members of the Department of Mathematics.

Name Degrees Areas of Research
Adamus, J.

Ph.D. University of Toronto

Analytic geometry, Commutative algebra, Singularities
Barron, T.

Ph.D. Penn State University

Symplectic geometry, Analysis on manifolds, Automorphic forms
Christensen, J.D.


Algebraic topology, Homotopy theory, Homotopy type theory, Mathematical physics, Computation
Davison, M.

Ph.D. Western University

Financial Mathematics, particularly Commodity Finance Mathematics and Data Science to study Financial Wellness Stochastic Optimal Control including Hamilton Jacobi Bellman PDE, Applied Probability Theory, Industrial Mathematics

Denham, G.

Ph.D. University of Michigan

Algebraic and geometric combinatorics
Dhillon, A.

Ph.D. Purdue University

Algebraic geometry, Algebraic stacks, Moduli of bundles
Franz, M. Dr. rer. nat. Konstanz Toric geometry and topology, Computational algebra
Hall, C.

Ph.D. Princeton University

Number theory, Arithmetic geometry, Graph theory
Jardine, J.F.

Ph.D. University of British Columbia

Homotopy theory, Algebraic K-theory, Algebraic Geometry, Number theory, Category theory
Jeffrey, D.

Ph.D. University of Cambridge  

Microhydrodynamics, Low Reynolds Number Flow, Lubrication, Suspensions of particles, Flows in Industrial Machinery, Computer Algebra Systems
Kapulkin, K. Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh Homotopy Theory, Category Theory, Formalization of Mathematics, Cryptography
Khalkhali, M.

Ph.D. Dalhousie University

Cyclic homology, Operator algebras, Noncommutative geometry
Lemire, N.

Ph.D. University of Alberta

Invariant theory, Representation theory, Lie theory, Algebraic groups
Minác, J.

Ph.D. Queen's University

Algebraic number theory, Field theory, Galois cohomology, Quadratic forms, Brauer groups, Algebraic K-theory
Muller, L.

Ph.D. Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)

Spectral methods, Signal/image processing, Computational neuroscience, Random-graph theory
Pinsonnault, M. Ph.D. Université du Québec à Montréal Symplectic geometry and topology, Geometric topology
Reid, G.

Ph.D. University of Waikato

Nonlinear differential equations (especially PDE), Algorithms (especially for Computer Algebra), Geometric & Algebraic Algorithms
Riley, D.M.

Ph.D. University of  Alberta

Combinatorial algebra
Shafikov, R.

Ph.D. Indiana University

Several complex variables, CR geometry
Sinnamon, G.J.

Ph.D. McMaster University

Hardy inequalities, Fourier inequalities, function spaces, positive operators
Wahl, L.

D.Phil. University of Oxford 

Theoretical population genetics, Mathematical models of experimental evolution, Microbial evolution
Wild, G.

Ph.D. Queen's University

Mathematical Biology, Evolutionary Biology
Yu, P.

Ph.D. University of Waterloo

Nonlinear dynamical systems, Stability, bifurcation, and chaos, Mathematical biology, Hilbert's 16th problem and limit cycles theory, Normal form computation
Zamir, M.

Ph.D. University of London

Blood Flow, Biomechanics, Theoretical Biology.
Zou, X.

Ph.D. York University 

Applied differential equations (PDEs, ODEs and DDEs) and dynamical systems, mathematical biology (or biomathematics)