Noncommutative Geometry and Cyclic Homology

General Inforamtion:

This course is an introduction to current ideas and methods of noncommutative geometry and cyclic homology as has been developed in Alain Connes' program. since 1980.

Outlines and Lecture notes:

  • Introduction . Euclid, Riemann and Connes: A lightning introduction to geometric thinking through history. A brief review of algebraic methods á la Descartes, Gelfand, Grothendieck and Connes: Noncommutative space.
  • Associative and Lie algebra theory by examples.
  • Hochschild and cyclic homology.
  • Computations.
  • The return of infinitesimal methods: Dixmier Trace.

Note:  While a mature underestanding and knowledge of graduate level geometry, algebra , topology and analysis would be helpful , I will do my best to make this course as self contained as possible.

Marking Policy:  Students are expected to prepare and present reports on selected topics of current interest . I will choose these topics in consultation with each student .


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