Previous courses

LINGUIST 9500Y- Models & Methods in Linguistics - Dr. David Heap
Thursday, 1:30pm-3:30pm, room UC 138a
This seminar applies to 2nd year MA linguistics Graduate students.


LINGUIST 9601A - Syntactic Analysis - Dr. Joyce Bruhn de Garavito

Monday & Wednesday, 10am-12pm, room UC 317

With data taken from both Indoeuropean and Non-Indoeuropean languages
this course examines how the application of linguistic theory to
particular languages helps us understand the whys and wherefores of
language in the mind.

LINGUIST 9750A - Segmental phonology - Dr. François Poiré
Wednesday, 2:30pm-5:30pm, room UC 138a

This course is mainly about segmental phonology. After a brief review
of linear phonology, we will examine the notions of rules and
representations, alternations and derivations, as well as lexical
phonology and feature geometry. The last part of the course will
introduce the notion of the syllable and its importance in the
description of phonological phenomena.


PSYCH 9101B - Language and Concepts - Dr. Marc Joanisse
Tuesday, 1pm-4pm, room SSC 8440a

This course will familiarize students with fundamental issues and
controversies in the areas of language and concepts, especially from
the perspective of cognitive psychology. Of interest are the broad
classes of models and theories of language and concept processing, and
how these can be investigated using experimental data in areas such as
perception, phonology, morphology, syntactic processing, semantics,
working memory, first- and second-language learning, neurological
disorders and neuroimaging.

LINGUIST 9670B/PHIL 9401B - Semantics - Dr. Robert Stainton
Monday, 2:30pm-5:30pm, room TC310

An introduction to semantic theory at the graduate level. This seminar will
cover both the philosophical foundations of contemporary semantics and its
development within theoretical (broadly generative) linguistics.

Of interest to graduate students in both Linguistics and Philosophy, the
focus of this seminar will be truth conditional compositional semantics.
Topics will likely include: sense and reference; quantification; modality
and tense; referential opacity; the semantics of actions and events;
descriptions; the boundaries among syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Though
basic background in Analytic philosophy of language, formal logic or
generative syntax would be beneficial, a detailed knowledge will not be

LINGUIST 9702B - Bilingualism and Acquisition - Dr. Elena Valenzuela
Thursday, 1:30pm-4:30 pm, room UC 222

This is an introduction to acquisition theory and bilingualism. The seminar will examine the acquisition of syntax, morphology and phonology in early and late bilinguals. Readings will focus on theoretical and experimental work on bilingual grammars.