Comparative Literature and Culture


Explore the study of literatures and cultures in a globalizing world, enhance your understanding of your own culture as well as other cultures, and attain a well-rounded education in the humanities! The Minor in Comparative Literatures and Culture challenges you to read across cultures, time periods, media and disciplines, make connections by examining themes, theories, and concepts, examine cross-cultural contacts and exchanges, and expands your analytical, critical thinking and intercultural skills.

This program will engage you to become a more observant, flexible thinker open to manifold complexity by gaining a refined understanding of cultural differences and diversities across spaces and times. As you discover intriguing texts from around the world in translation, consider study abroad opportunities and add a “real world” occasion to interact with other cultures and languages. 

Minor in Comparative Literature and Culture (4.0 courses)

  • This flexible Minor enriches your understanding of cultures through the choice of a wide variety of courses taught in English. Read across literatures and cultures engaging with media, everyday or urban culture.  The module expands your career choices by providing future employers with evidence of your interest in culture and diversity. This module can be completed either completely in English or include language and culture courses in non-English languages. Students are permitted to double-count up to 1.0 courses toward a Certificate or Module in German, Italian or Spanish, giving room to take further courses of interest.

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