Medicine Examples in Second Life

  • UC Davis Health System - Virtual psychosis environment helps understanding of schizophrenic hallucinations

    A major cause of frustration and alienation among people with schizophrenia is the inability of their therapists, family members and caregivers to fully understand their experiences, especially the auditory and visual hallucinations that often are symptoms of the disease.

  • Texas Wesleyan University Genome island

    Genome Island was created to explore the potential for creating an interactive laboratory environment in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. College and university science courses that include a laboratory typically, because of the constraints of class scheduling, separate the lecture and laboratory components into different time blocks, and one of the challenges of college/university science becomes the meaningful integration of the two experiences. Virtual worlds offer the opportunity to eliminate the lecture/lab boundary by immersing students in an environment to be investigated. .

  • Autistic in Second Life

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