Statistics for Engineers Course

Live Previews

Goals for the Project

Instructor David Stanford participated in the SCoRe Project (Supported Course Redesign) in order to revamp his entire course and put part of the learning online in order to make it blended. We worked with David, as well as a large team with representatives from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Engineering Faculty, and the Libraries.

The goals for this project were to make the statistics course more focused on the engineering aspects of stats, to engage students and to improve the look and feel of his OWL site.

How Did We Achieve the Project Goals?

David and the team decided on a flipped approach, with students watching video lectures before class and participating in activities during class. To that end we filmed weekly lecture videos for david over the course of the summer of 2018.

In addition, to make the course more visually appealing, we added graphics of different engineering locations, and totally changed the style of the lessons. Each week has a standardized look and feel.

We also created an articulate storyline/javascript lesson that illustrated the concept of the central limit theorum