MedSci 4931F G Lecture Series

Goals for the Project

Instructor Dr. Nicole Campbell wanted to capture the expertise of ten guest lecturers for future classes and for the online portion of her course. She wanted the process to be simple for her lecturers, and for the videos to have a quick turn around time

How Did We Achieve the Project Goals?

The lecture videos were filmed over four weeks in the summer, with three different instructors coming in on the same day each week. We used the ITRC production cart which allowed us to use the greenscreen and live switching. Instructors had the choice to look as though they were standing in front of their powerpoints or to show the entire powerpoint on screen. An ITRC designer worked with the guest lectures to determine when in the video they would appear on screen. Instructors used a tablet to provide annotations or point to parts of the slides.

Nicole worked with the instructors to make sure that the powerpoints had the same look and feel to them, and that the instructors were prepared for the setup in the ITRC.