About Us

The Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC) is a support facility for faculty who wish to integrate technology into their courses. We are located in the Support Services Building, Room 4320.

The ITRC performs the following roles:

  • Assists in the use of instructional technology
  • Helps in the preparation of online content
  • Provides information on various instructional technology tools
  • Facilitates the deployment of instructional materials
  • Maintains the systems and software that support instruction

The ITRC operates within the Client Support area of WTS and works co-operatively with the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Continuing Studies, Distance Studies and Western Libraries to address the need for support for instructional technology.

The ITRC is a facility equipped with current hardware and software to be used for the design of technology-enhanced instructional materials. The ITRC encourages faculty members to drop by and explore the various ways in which technology can be used in an instructional setting and then make use of the facilities to design their own instructional components. There are also many organizations and journals that provide information online related to instructional technology.

The ITRC employs student consultants who work directly with faculty on specific projects to create online or multimedia instructional material. Proposals are submitted to the ITRC and reviewed based on a specific set of criteria. Projects meeting these criteria are assigned an ITRC student consultant who will provide the technical expertise required for the creation of the online learning materials.