How Do I ... Publish a Western News Story, an Opinions Piece or an In Profile Piece

1) Make sure that the story you want to publish has a start date entered.  See How Do I... Create a Western News Story (or the other 'create' How Do I's) for steps on how to enter the start date.



2) The File/Page opens in View mode.  Click on the Publish tab:

Publish tab


3) The following screen appears:

Publish screen


4) Uncheck the box beside Development.  Click on the Submit button.  The following screen appears showing where your job is in the queue.  The publish queue is shared by all Cascade users so ocassionally you will find that there is a job ahead of yours:

Publish message

5) When the queue is clear, the system has completed the publishing sequence.  Click on the Home tab:



6) The following screen will appear with your publish messages.  Your file has been successfully published is you see a message referring to 0 issues.  If issues are noted, you can click on the message to see what the problem was.  You will need to correct the problem before your file will be successfully published.


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