How Do I ... Change the Order of a Job in the Publish Queue

1) Once you have clicked the publish tab, the following screen appears showing where your job is in the queue.  The publish queue is shared by all Cascade users so ocassionally you will find that there is a job ahead of yours.  If this is an emergency situation where you need to publish a page immediately, you have been given the rights to move your job to the top of the queue.

Publish message

2) To move your job to the top of the queue, you must place your cursor in the white space after the file name in the Name column.  Your cursor will change to a double vertical arrow.  You can then just drag your job to the second in the queue directly after the job that is currently publishing.  Please note that you cannot move your job to any higher than second in the queue.  The first job in the queue is publishing and must complete that task before your job can start publishing.

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