How Do I ... Create a New Western News Story

1.  Click New.  The folowing screen will appear:

Click New


2.  Click New Western News Story.  The following screen will appear:

New Western News Story

3.  Inline Metadata box:

    For Title - type in the title of your story (this is exactly what will appear as the headline)

    For Summary - enter the first part of your story (whatever you want to appear as the summary on the Western Home Page)

    For Author - use this if the author does not appear in the Writers drop down list.  Leave it blank if you choose a writer from the drop down list.

    For Start Date - this automatically defaults to no start date which means the story will not appear in the Western News index or on the Western Home page.  When the story is ready to be published, you can change the date by clicking on the calendar icon.
    You can change the time by clicking on the drop down arrows beside the hour, minute and am/pm boxes.

    For Writers - this defaults to no writer.  Click on the drop down arrow to choose Communications Staff for a generic writer or choose your name if you wish to be specifically identified as the writer of the story.  Leave it blank if you have a writer in the author field above.

    For Show on Front Page - click this check box if you wish the story to appear on the Western Home Page.  Once clicked, the story will show on the Western Home Page even if you have not chosen a Start Date.  Do not click this until you are ready for the story to be published.

3.  News Article box:

     Enter your news story in this box.  You can type it directly into this box or cut and paste from Notepad.

     Adding images and captions - You must delete any height and width that is automatically part of inserting an image.  In the example below, you would delete the 400 and 213 and just leave those boxes blank.  The stylesheets will manage the image size based on the captionthis style you choose.

     edit image


     For photos, choose the captionthis style that fits the type of photo you are using.  Highlight your image and then choose this style.  For a caption, highlight the caption and then choose the style again.

4.  When you have completed entering your story, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  If you try to leave the page without clicking Submit, you will see this error message.  If you don't want to save your work, click OK.  If you want to save your work, click Cancel and then click the Submit button.

5.  Once you have clicked Submit, you will see your story as it will appear on the website:

Western News Story


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