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Staff Listing/Directory Page - create a page to list all of your staff or faculty with standardized information

1. Before creating a Staff Listing page, you must have a Staff Listing block created.  We recommend creating a copy of the existing block in the block folder (_cms/xhtml/blocks) for each staff listing page.  See "Copying Blocks" for more information.
2. Fill out the required information for each staff member such as Name, Phone, Position, and upload a photo. Click Save & Preview then Submit once you are finished.

3. Click Add Content - Page - Staff Listing Page.

4.  Find the section on the page called Staff Listing Information.  Click the arrow to open the section.  Leave Display set as Yes.  Add the new Staff Listing Block that you created in steps 1 and 2.

5. The completed staff listing page will look something like this:

Add Comments to Version Information - how to add a comment about what you have done after editing a page

As you edit pages, you can add personalized comments regarding the changes that are being made.  These comments can be helpful when looking at Versions of the page and often contain information about the various editing changes made by you.  

1. These comments can be added after hitting Submit in the Enter Comments box which pops up automatically.

2. Comments can later be viewed by clicking on the page and then the More tab (By Edit, Publish, and Details) and choosing Versions.  If you are unhappy with your current Version of the page, you can restore a previous version, while also compare an old version with the current, or delete the version.

Zip Archive - how to upload multiple files in a compressed folder using the Zip Archive.

To use this feature you must first have all the files compressed in a folder via Windows Zip software or Mac Stuffit software.  Once you have completed that step, you can use Cascade's Zip Archive feature to upload the compressed folder.

1. Simply click Add Content - Page - File where you can upload your compressed file.

2. You will then be asked if you want to extract the file.  Select Yes and then click Unpack.

3. Once your folder has been successfully unpacked, you will be directed to the Zip Archive Report which will inform you if any of your files encountered an error while uploading.  If not, you can then go to the placement folder (named after the folder uploaded) where you can find the files.

zip archive report

Editing Blocks - learn how to edit blocks straight from the page.

Blocks in Cascade version 8 no longer display as icons on the page preview. Instead all share the same icon:  .

In Cascade version 8, the simplest way to edit blocks is through _cms/blocks. However, you can still access and edit blocks through your preview page. Click 'More' and then 'Show Regions.' 

Now as you hover your mouse over areas of the page, the name of the corresponding block will appear as a callout. If you click the call out, it will be selected in the region list. Right click the block to 'Edit'.

You will then be directed to the block's _cms/block location and you will be able to perform the required edits.

Once you have completed the block edit, you will not be automatically redirected back to the page from which you came.  If you want to see your changes on the page, you will need to return to it by clicking 'Site Content' at the top.

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