Media Volunteer

Position Overview

The Media Volunteer is responsible for the promotion of International Week events on campus through contributing to live tweeting and other social media activity and/or taking photographs or video at events.

Duties Involved

  • Attend a minimum of three International Week events
  • Contribute to social media conversation using the hashtag #globalwesternu on your own accounts, as well as Western International’s accounts
  • Live tweet at selected events using Westernu Live twitter channel, as directed by Western International staff
  • Contribute to social postings about International Week events
  • Take photos and send or bring them to Western International staff (you may use your own camera or, if not possible, be assigned to use a camera from Western International)

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Basic photography skill strongly desired, advanced photography skills an asset
  • Strong ability to self-motivate
  • Use of technology (social media platforms)
  • Friendly and respectful disposition
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm

Time Commitment

  • Prior to International Week: 1 hour training session
  • During International Week: Minimum 4-6 hours (3 events)


  • Training and orientation sessions are mandatory for this position and will take place in late October. We will go over some of the resources you may need while assisting with the photography and social media.

Benefits for the Team Member

  • Strengthen communication, language and interpersonal skills
  • Gain experience in photography, videography and/or social media 
  • Connections and networking (meet new people and have fun)
  • Build your CV
  • Receive volunteer recognition upon completion

Online applications have now closed for 2019. If you are interested in signing up, please contact