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Passport Contest

Passport cover and inside stamps

Explore your #globalwesternu and you could win!

Where can you get a 2018 Passport?

They will be available during the weeks leading up to International Week 2018 at the Western International Office, at residence dining halls, and elsewhere across campus. Passports will also be available at the Western International Booth in the UCC Atrium during International Week. Volunteers will also have passports at most events.

What can I win?

The grand prize is a $500 scholarship towards an international learning experience! Other prizes include great Western-branded swag!

International Learning Experiences include:

*must be approved

Gain points towards the Global and Intercultural Engagement Honor** for attending events during International Week. Your passport can be used to gain 10 flex points towards any Category requirement of the Global Honor. Attend six events or more (including the pre-stamp) to receive the points. Remember to get your International Week Passport stamped at each event and submit it to the Western International Booth in the UCC Atrium during International Week or at the Western International Office.

Contest Rules

1. Minimum 4 events (including the pre-stamp and three others) to enter contest.
2. Attend 6 events or more (including the pre-stamp) and you will be entered in a draw to win the scholarship.
3. Ask an international week volunteer, event coordinator, or Western International staff member to sign your passport at the conclusion of events.
4. Only one passport per entrant allowed.
5. Staff and faculty may enter the contest but only students will be eligible for the scholarship.
6. International Week committee members and Western International full-time staff are not eligible to participate.
7. Events excluded from the contest: Green Leaf Café Meals, Modern Languages Photo Contest, Don Wright Faculty of Music paid events.

Where do I bring my completed Passport?

Submit your completed passport to the Western International Booth in the UCC Atrium during International Week


the Western International Office, 2nd floor, International and Graduate Affairs Building, anytime until December 1, 2018 at 4 pm.

** The Global and Intercultural Engagement Honor recognizes and rewards students' experience and engagement in such activities during their time at Western. Once achieved, the Honor will appear on the student's official transcript upon graduation. For more details, visit