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Western Heads East is a collaboration between Western staff, students, faculty and African partners using probiotic foods to contribute to health and sustainable development. The Western Heads East Internship Program is a challenging, dynamic, competitive, multidisciplinary and international learning opportunity for students to grow and assist with health sustainability initiatives in Africa. Since the project began, over 100 student interns from a variety of academic backgrounds have participated in the program. Interns have the opportunity to:

  • Practice sustainable business and social enterprise skills
  • Collaborate on new kitchen and laboratory facilities
  • Promote awareness to Western University's community about health sustainability in East Africa
  • Receive a course credit
  • Participate in in-person or remote internships from home begining in summer 2021

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Kitchens of Freedom (produced by a Western University Faculty of Information & Media Studies intern)
Western Heads East & Youth Opportunities Unlimited (London, ON)
Western Heads East Student-led Fundraising & Education Committee