2019 WCC Top Three Teams

First Place

Teyab for Change


Their project, “Teyab for Change,” uses cultural clothing to address cholera outbreaks in low-income countries, with an aim of decreasing the number of people who become infected with the disease. It builds on existing research performed in Bangladesh in 2001 that proved that cholera could be filtered out of water using a sari – a traditional garment worn by southern Asian women that consists of several yards of lightweight cloth.

Team members

  • Samah Osman
  • Amalka De Silva
  • Dwayne Francis

Second Place


Team members

  • Lena Schreyer

  • Carolyn Prins    

  • Betsy Luo


Third Place

Viva Straw

Team members

  • Varunaavee Sivashanmugathas

  • Ganathyashan Chelliahpillai