International Strategy 2014-2019

international strategy cover - students walking on campus Western’s strategic plan, Achieving Excellence on the World Stage, clearly articulates the importance of Western’s international activities. This international action plan supports the mission and vision of Western University as articulated in its new strategic plan. The components of the plan and key objectives are below.

Components of an International Plan

diagram showing the components of Western's International Strategy

Key Objectives

1. Increase the participation of Western Students in international experiences from 3% to 10%.

2. Provide more opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to enhance their international and cross-cultural learning at home and abroad.

3. Increase and diversify the international undergraduate student body at Western.

4. Develop a comprehensive and strategic international graduate student recruitment plan that focuses on countries that provide scholarship support for graduate student mobility (e.g. Brazil) and on countries where we have strong research collaborations.

5. Support the work of the portfolio of the Office of the Vice-Provost (Academic Planning, Policy and Faculty) in the recruitment and integration of international faculty.

6. Better recognize the diversity of staff on campus and celebrate and engage staff accordingly.

7. Provide continuity of support and services to international students from the day they apply to Western to the day they graduate, thereby ensuring that international students have similar retention and completion rates as domestic students and are satisfied with their Western experience.

8. Support Research Western’s international priorities thereby enhancing Western’s reputation on the world stage.

9. Provide a framework through which international development activities can be acknowledged and supported.

10. Double international alumni engagement and triple the number of international media hits.