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Hosting Visitors

If you are a member of Western’s community who is planning to host an international visitor, information on this page will aid in your preparation. Please consult the Guidelines and Checklist for Visiting Delegations and notify Western International (mfranco5@uwo.ca) of the visit.

If a delegation includes any of the following, Western International will act as the official host and will coordinate the appropriate activities:

International Visitors:

  • Heads of State or Multinational Organizations
  • Senior Government Officials such as Ministers, Deputy Ministers or those of equivalent rank
  • Ambassadors
  • Deputy Chiefs of Mission
  • Consuls General

Domestic Visitors:

  • Senior Federal government officials
  • University Presidents and Vice-Presidents
  • Members of Parliament
  • Serving Ambassadors
  • Senior Administrators for partner institutions

For visitors who do not fall into one of the above categories, Western International will:

Western International will review all visit requests to determine whether or not the request can be accommodated.

The Responsive Department (Academic or Administrative Department/Faculty/Centre) shall be responsible for:

Travel and Logistics

Travel & Logistics

Recommended strategies for planning the travel itinerary to make sure the visit runs smoothly.




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