Western International

Program Guidelines


Western University's Visiting University Scholar Program is funded by Western International for a maximum contribution of $3,000 with additional matching funds provided by the host Faculty. Faculties are invited to nominate international candidates for short- to medium-term visits throughout the year. Preference will be given to distinguished international faculty candidates whose scholarship and distinction will contribute to and enliven the Western academic and research community.

Visiting scholars invited to Western under the Visiting University Scholar Program, and who intend to remain at the University for a period of at least one week, will receive the designation of “Western Fellow” during the period of their stay. This designation serves to provide enhanced recognition to the visiting scholar for her/his curriculum vitae and would be publicized at Western.

Obligations of the Visiting University Scholar

Recipients of this award are required to undertake one or more of the following:

Role of the Host Faculty

The host Faculty shall be responsible for:


Nominations will be adjudicated by a committee appointed by Western International. Host Faculty Deans should complete the nomination form and submit it, along with full Curriculum Vitae of nominee to Melissa Franco at mfranco5@uwo.ca.


Deans should only nominate scholars who have an established international reputation in his/her field, and whose visit to Western would foster collaboration and exchanges between Western and his/ her home institution. Faculty members applying as the Host on behalf of the Dean must hold an eligible research appointment at Western.

Nominees should have:


This is an open competition; nominations will be accepted throughout the year. A nominated international scholar may have his/her visit supported only once during the tenure of this program. Applications must be sumbitted prior to the arrival of the visiting scholar at Western.


Visiting University Scholar Awards are available for short- to medium-term visits, lasting from a few days up to 1 academic term in duration. Grants will be available for a period of up to one year from the starting date. Should the Visiting University Scholar award be cancelled, all remaining and recoverable monies will be returned to the common fund.


Funding of up to $3,000 will be available from Western International. The host Faculty must provide a minimum 1:1 match (cash, not in-kind).

At the time of award, a chair account will be set up and will be managed by the department. Expenses must be posted to the account within one year from the start date and any unused money must be returned to the general fund (extensions may be granted under certain circumstances). If, for any reason, the approved Visiting Scholar’s travel to Western is cancelled, Western International (mfanco5@uwo.ca) must be notified and the funds returned to the general pool.


Within three months of the end of the visit, the Host must provide a brief report addressed to Western International on the accomplishment or impact of the visit and email to mfranco5@uwo.ca. All final reports must be submitted before new applications will be considered.


8.1 Budget Justification

An adequate budget justification is required in each application. To avoid arbitrary decisions on the appropriate level of funding, detailed explanations of costs and matching funds should be provided.

8.2 Travel Expenses
Round trip Economy Class air passage for the Visiting University Scholar from his/her home destination to London, Ontario, Canada is eligible. Other travel for research is not.

8.2.1 Air and train fare & car rental
Applicants are required to provide written quotes for air and train fares and car rental and are expected to use the most economical means of transportation and to take advantage of seat sales and travel discounts whenever possible.

8.2.2 Mileage
Mileage costs must be calculated using established Western rates.

8.3 Accommodation and Meals
Under "accommodation and meals" in the budget, applicants should provide their best estimate of the cost of subsistence. Per Diem costs will not be allowed. Original receipts will be required when travel claims are processed.

8.4 Promotion
Publicity, printing and postage charges associated with
the host Faculty’s publicity plan for the promotion of the Visiting University Scholar’s visit are eligible. Whenever appropriate, numbers of units and unit costs should be explained. Quotes from suppliers should be provided for purchased services.

8.5 Other
Detail any budget requirement that doesn’t fit the above categories and explain why the expense is imperative for the visit.

8.5.1 Visas
While Travel Visas for a Visiting University Scholar are not the responsibility of Western University, the associated costs may be eligible.

8.6 Ineligible Expenses
These are examples only. The approving committee will determine the relevance of items not listed.


Contact Melissa Franco in the Office of the Vice-Provost (International) 

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 86409

E-mail: mfranco5@uwo.ca