Western International


With research collaborations on every continent and students and faculty trained far and wide, Western is actively engaged internationally. Partners include institutions, government organizations and other public sector parties, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

In addition to formal partnerships, Faculties and Schools, individual faculty members and students are connecting Western with the world and bringing global perspective to our campus every day.


For more on our global partnerships, visit the Western Worldwide database.

Information for Partners

Western International is a dedicated team responsible for international activity and experiences at the University. We invite you to contact Western International at any time regarding our ongoing partnership.

Email: international@uwo.ca
Telephone: +1-519-661-2111 ext. 86409

If you are planning a visit to Western, we welcome you warmly! Please view the Visiting Western section of our website to complete a visit request form and to access useful resources in arranging your trip.

Becoming a Partner

If you are interested in developing a new partnership with Western, we invite you to review our Guidelines for International Partnership Agreements.