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Study Abroad

Study Abroad 

Students considering attending another university to earn credits towards their Western degree can study abroad or go on an exchange.

To study abroad, students:

  • May apply to one of our Study Abroad programs or directly to any university of their choice.
  • Obtain a Letter of Permission from the Registrar's Office to transfer the credits towards their Western degree.
  • Pay international tuition to their host institution.
Student at Schipol Airport Netherlands

Western Study Abroad Programs in Spain (apply to Western, fees paid to host)

Students who choose to Study Abroad may apply to any university in the world, unlike exchange students. In an exchange program, partner universities exchange students with one another. Each university has a limited number of spaces, so Western students apply to go on exchange through Western. Successful applicants pay regular tuition to Western instead of having to pay international fees. (Special Programs are exchange programs that provide funding to successful applicants).

Study Abroad may be an opportunity for you to experience different cultures, different geographic regions or different programs that may not be avaialble through exchange.