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It is extremely important to experience a totally different world from what you are used to. This is the prime time to travel and learn. We are still young and being shaped by our experiences so it’s important to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

On your exchange you will try new foods, make lifetime friends, learn to survive on your own, experience a new culture, and see new places you have always hoped to see.

Since I left Canada, I have become more proud of it. I loved answering all the questions by my classmates about what my life back home is like. At the same time it was extremely important for me to become as familiar with the Indian way of life once I arrived. I chose to live with Indian roommates who taught me about cooking, fashion, festivals, and cultural norms and became as involved in my college as possible.

I think I have become a more well rounded global citizen because I have completely adapted to a new way of living while still maintaining my Canadian roots.