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Local Volunteer Opportunities

You do not need to leave the country or even leave your community to engage in volunteer work that will help you gain global and intercultural experience.  Here are are few options which will allow you to make global connections here at Western and in the community of London.

Volunteer Opportunities with Western International

Every year, Western International recruits volunteers who assist with coordinating, planning and implementing the activities and programs offered by International Learning, International Recruitment and International and Exchange Student Centre. Through Student Development Centre's (SDC) Volunteers In Progress (VIP) program, you can also volunteer in the different areas of the centre (e.g., Services for Students with Disabilities, Learning Skills Services, etc.).

Volunteer with the International and Exchange Student Centre

Volunteer opportunities available at International and Exchange Student Centre include:

Volunteer positions offered through SDC's Volunteers In Progress Program such as:

  • English Conversation Leaders
  • IESC Newsletter Assistant Editor
  • International Student Activity Coordinator
  • Assistant Facilitator for Spousal Events
  • Transitional Program Assistant

Become a Peer Guide for new International Students.

Volunteer with Western International - International Learning

International Learning Ambassadors and International Learning Ambassador - Team Leader positions are for students returning from an International Learning experience, such as exchange, study abroad, internship, research, Alternative Spring Break (ASB), Faculty-Led Study programs and International Community Engaged Learning experiences.

Students can find information about these opportunities on Atlas, by searching International Learning Ambassador under the 'Type' drop down menu.  Applications will open on February 1, 2018 and the application deadline is April 30, 2018.  Applications must be completed on Atlas.

Contact for more information.

Volunteer with Western Heads East

Western Heads East is a collaboration between Western staff, students, faculty and African partners using probiotic foods to contribute to health and sustainable development.

.   Contribute to the effort by joining a committee or help with fundraising here in Canada.  Their website lists ways you can help.

Volunteer with London's Cross-Cultural Learner Centre

London's Cross-Cultural Learner Centre on Dundas Street provides services for refugees and other newcomers to Canada, translation services, intercultural training and supports global education.  There are many different Volunteer Opportunities available. They include:

  • Youth Program Volunteer
  • Peer Mentor
  • Casual Volunteer
  • Small Group Volunteer
  • Conversational Circle Mentor
  • Volunteer Leader
  • Adult Remedial Tutor for English
  • Adult Remedial Tutor for Math & Numeracy Skills
  • Community Connection’s Individuals, Families & Group Volunteer

The Centre provides a general Job Description for volunteers.

Here are some examples of the time commitment required for different positions:

  • Adult Remedial English: Volunteers meet weekly for a minimum of 2 hours for 3 months or an agreed-upon period.
  • Conversational Mentor: Volunteers will attend regularly for 1-2 hours, on a weekly basis, to a confirmed CC location(s).
  • Casual Volunteer: Volunteers would be on call for specific requests or by special request and time bound by request or event/activity.
  • Group Volunteer (adults with a focus on support for women):  Volunteers work 2-2 1/2 hours weekly for 3 or 4 month sessions or seasonal groups, as in summer or Winter or March Break
  • Volunteer Leader: 2-2 1/2 hours weekly for 3 or 4 month sessions or seasonal groups, as in summer or Winter or March Break