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Programs of Study

Western offers more than 400 combinations of majors, minors, and specializations in 12 faculties and more than 90 undergraduate programs; more than 70 master’s and 50 doctoral programs.

While Western attempts to accommodate as many requests for courses as possible, certain programs at Western have limited enrollment. Courses in the following departments are sometimes limited, and not always available to exchange students:

To see what courses Western offers, view Western's Academic Calendar.

To learn when courses are offered at Western, view the Undergraduate Timetable. Please note that timetables are updated every June. The table below will help you read the timetable. The suffixes communicate when a course is offered and for how long.


Description/Duration of Course

no suffix

Full course not designated as an essay course (September – April)


Half course offered in first term (Sept. – Dec.)


Half course offered in second term (Jan. – Apr.)


Half course offered in first and/or second term (Sept. – Dec./Jan.-Apr.)


Full essay course (September – April)


Half essay course offered in first term (Sept.– Dec.)


Half essay course offered in second term (Jan. – Apr.)


Half essay course offered in first and/or second term (Sept. – Dec./Jan.-Apr.)

Timetable Diagram

Course Load:  Students can take a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 4 classes per term.

*Please note: If a course does not appear in the timetable, it is not offered next year.

Academic Evaluation

At Western, students are evaluated on a continuous assessment model which can include exams, essays, presentations, group projects, and/or participation. Attendance and/or participation may be a required component of the course. All methods of evaluation will be clearly stated in the course syllabus, which is adhered to by the instructor. 

Grading Scheme

At Western, most courses are graded on a percentage scale of 100%. Selected professional faculties or special programs may have a different grading scheme. Please check with your relevant program for details.




80 -89%


70 - 79%


60 - 69%


50 - 59%


below 50% or assigned  when course is dropped with academic penalty

      Source: Western Academic Calendar 2018