Making a Budget

It is important to ensure you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your time in Canada before you arrive. A personal monthly budget will help you review your funds and spend within your means.

Off-Campus Student Cost Estimates

Rent $600-$1000/month
Food $350-$600/month
Utilities & Cable $100/month
Internet $15-$85/month
Phone $37-$80/month
Personal $100/month
Clothing $800-$2000/academic year
Entertainment $100/month
Laundry $25/month
Books & Supplies $1500-$3000/academic year*
*The cost of books/supplies depends on your program.

If you are bringing family members, you should budget approximately $4000 for the first family member and $3000 for each additional family member, per year.

Note: Estimates are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change. Currency fluctuations, visa extension fees, etc. are additional costs to consider. 

Personal Budgeting Table

Resources              Expenses             
Contributions from family Tuition & Fees
Savings Health Insurance (UHIP)
Scholarships, Bursaries Textbooks, School Supplies
Loans Food
Part-Time Job Rent/Residence Fees  
Other Utilities
Cable (TV), Telephone/Cell Phone, Internet  
Toiletries, Laundry
Child care expenses (if applicable) 
Health Insurance for family (if applicable)
Study Permit/Visa renewals
Other (e.g., travel, dental, eye care, gifts)
Total Resources $ Total Expenses $

RESOURCES - EXPENSES = $___________