Long-Distance Travel

International Student Identification Card (ISIC Card)

This card will give you discounts on travelling (Via Rail and airplanes) and tourist discounts in numerous cities around the world (for hotels, food, car rental, and various stores). You can purchase an ISIC Card online for $20. Full-time graduate students have already paid for their ISIC Card with their student fees. These students must go to the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) office in Middlesex College, Room 8 with their Western ONECard to pick up their ISIC Card.

Travelling by Bus

Greyhound offers connections between London and most cities in the United States and Canada. Bus tickets and schedules can be obtained online, at the Greyhound terminal downtown or at Mustang Central in the UCC. Students receive a discount. Greyhound offers a drop off and pick up service from the Western campus for trips to Toronto, Kitchener and Hamilton.

Megabus is a discounted bus company that offers pick up in Toronto and travels to various destinations in Canada and the U.S.

ISX specializes in planning bus trips just for students to popular destinations in Ontario and Quebec. Throughout the year, they arrange special pick-up times in London for Western students.

Travelling by Train

The train, Via Rail Canada, is another travel option. Via Rail offers rail service to destinations throughout Canada. The train fare is more expensive than bus fare; however, travelling by train may be more comfortable. You can purchase your tickets online or at the Via Rail office downtown. If you show your ISIC Card (see above for details), you can get a discount on your ticket purchase. In addition, check for special discounts (for example, students can buy a VIA 6 PAK).


Students can choose to arrange long distance travel by car with other students through websites such as Kangaride.

Airplane Travel

For information on air transportation, you can contact travel agencies, travel websites or airline companies to compare rates. There are many travel agencies in London who can assist you with booking your flights.

Getting to the Airport

If your flight departs from the Pearson (Toronto) International Airport or the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, you can get there by flying from the London International Airport (by arranging a connecting flight) or taking an airbus.

Airbus Services

The RobertQ airbus services offer pick up from, and drop off at, either your home or their London offices and drive you directly to, or from, the airport in Toronto or Detroit. Always check for student discount rates.