International Student Orientation

Students volunteering

All new undergraduate and graduate international students are encouraged to participate in our Winter 2022 International Student Orientation online and connect with international peers on IESC’s official OWL site for new students.

The OWL site includes online video modules, links to key resources for undergraduate and graduate international students, and opportunities to connect with fellow students remotely. 

Our Winter 2022 International Student Orientation video modules include information about the following topics:

  • Western and Canadian culture
  • Culture shock and tips for cultural adaptation
  • Academic Values in Canada
  • Unwritten Rules of the Canadian Classroom
  • Health, Wellness & Safety information for international students
  • Immigration information and reminders
  • Getting and staying connected with your #GlobalWesternU community


Log in to the Official Winter 2022 International Student Orientation OWL site now. 

 screenshot of log in page