Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information for new students can be found on our Covid-19 FAQ page and International Arrival site. New students are encouraged to review the information and contact with any questions.

Incoming Undergraduate Students should also review "COVID-19 & Your Application" on the Welcome website.
Incoming Graduate Students should also review COVID-19 specific information on the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies website.

Tuition and Course Registration

1. How do I pay my tuition fees?

Visit the Registrar's page on Fee Payment for International Students . If you would like pay in person when you arrive on campus, visit Student Central, Room 1120 in the Western Student Services Building.

2. How do I choose and register for courses?

Use Western's Academic Calendar to view course descriptions and register for courses online through Student Center.

For more information, please visit Course Registration page.

Graduate students should contact your graduate program to register for courses.

Course Registration for graduate students will take place one month before the start of each term. Contact your graduate program and/or supervisor to determine your timetable, course selection and all other relevant information.

Preparing For My Trip

1. How do I get a study permit or a work permit?

2. When should I arrive in Canada?

For fall 2021, please see our International Arrival website. Please note you will need to complete a 14-day quarantine period unless fully vaccinated and exempt. 

The ideal time to arrive depends on what you would like to accomplish before school begins. For example, if you still need to find accommodation, you will need to arrive before classes begin. You will also want to arrive in time to attend orientation activities.

View important dates in Western's Academic Calendar.

3. How can I get from the Toronto airport to London? Please view our page on How to Get Here.

4. Where can I get help once I arrive at Western?

Contact us at the International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC)! We can help answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with an Orientation Information Package which is full of useful resources to help you get settled.

Accommodations and Housing in London

1. Where can I stay in London before I find a place to live?

View Temporary Accommodation

2. I need to find a place to live in London. Where can I start my search?

View Western Housing for on-campus and off-campus housing listings.

For more information, visit Off-Campus Housing


1. How do I prepare for cold weather during the Winter?

  • Recommended items: a warm coat that is water and wind resistant, warm water-resistant boots, mittens or gloves, a scarf, a warm hat.
  • TIP: You may prefer to purchase winter items in London to ensure they are appropriate for the weather here.

Although winter officially begins in December, snow can arrive as early as October and can last until April. In January and February, the coldest months, the temperature typically ranges between -2°C and -10°C with an average of -6°C.  Wind can lower the temperature considerably (this is called ‘wind chill’). If you have questions about the winter season, contact us at IESC! We will share tips to help you enjoy the winter and point you in the right direction if you are looking for winter clothing.

For more information about the weather and seasons in London, visit our page on Weather in Canada.

2. What is the normal voltage of electrical equipments in Canada and what shape are the plugs?

The normal voltage for Canada is 110/120V 60Hz and the plugs are rectangular.

3. Do I have to pay duty on electrical equipment like cameras and music players when I enter Canada?

No. The Canadian Customs office says that when you arrive in Canada and go through customs at the airport you can fill out a 'temporary import' card and list the items and their serial numbers so that when you leave Canada, you won't have to pay duty on them.

4. Are there any supermarkets or stores on campus?

Yes. Our University Community Centre (UCC) has several stores including Grocery Checkout, University Pharmacy,  a hair salon, a computer store, a post office, a bookstore, as well as restaurants and places to buy snack food.

There are also some supermarkets and shops near campus such as those located in Masonville Mall (on Richmond Street). IESC provides an Orientation Package and International Student Handbook which contains helpful information including locations of the nearest grocery stores.

5. How do I get an email account at Western?

Western automatically sets up email accounts for registered Western students, but you must activate the account online or in person at Western Technology Services located inside the main doors of the Support Services Building (SSB).

6. How do I meet and get to know other International Students?