Global Final Competition - Order of Presentations

9:10 AM: University of Lausanne – Team Munay

9:25 AM: Hirosaki University – Team Grasshopper’s Second Life

9:40 AM: McMaster University – Team Yayra-Si Youth Foundation

9:55 AM: University of Waterloo – Decomp

10:10 AM: McMaster University – Team Refugrow

10:25 AM: Queen’s University – Team ReThink Farms

10:40 AM: University of Calgary – Team RetinaLogik

10:55 AM: University of Alberta - Team FentaGone

11:10 AM: University of Calgary – Team Water Movement

11:25 AM: University of British Columbia – Team Soma

Please note that times are approximate and teams are required to login a minimum of 30 minutes before their scheduled start time. 

The competition will be live on our platform at Log in with your email address and create a password to access the Main Stage. 

If you have any issues logging in, please contact