2020/21 Winning Teams

First Place: Project Lightbulb 

Project Lightbulb is an accessible, virtual, hands-on science education program that will address a lack of hands-on education opportunities and some major barriers to getting the supplies and necessary guidance to complete any hands-on activity. These are the same barriers that many classrooms in rural communities faced, even before the COVID-19 pandemic and which have increased greatly with the move to virtual learning in other areas. The team aims to address an issue that extends globally, within Canada, and in indigenous communities,which have lower rates of post-secondary achievement. Project lightbulb uses low-cost and easy to find materials to make their trainings accessible and believes that every child deserves to see science in action. 

Team members 

  • Colette Benko 
  • Kayleigh Gray 
  • Tara Moore 
  • Geoffrey Wong 

Second Place: UHealth 

Despite the advances in health in the western world, access to knowledge about health care remains a big barrier for the majority of the world's population. The realities developing countries experience in terms of health inequality and accessibility are typically not reflected in Western medical advancements. Chronic diseases require proper diagnoses and treatment, which is not readily available due to cost and education and exacerbated by lack of resources and poor infrastructure in developing countries. Uhealth works to provide health kits, specifically urinalysis kits, to efficiently diagnose certain disease. The kits will come with information pamphlets that will be translated to the language of the country its being distributed in. 

Team members 

  • Lian Buwadi        
  • Denait Haile       
  • Sally Hammad    
  • Brinda Patel 

Third Place: Volt Transportation 

With 25% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from the transportation sector alone, Volt Transportation believes a new alternative for deliveries is needed. Volt Transportation is an all-electric, short haul delivery service. Through the use of a fully electric vehicle, Volt will support small to medium-sized businesses, which have a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The goal is to move away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles by offering sustainable alternatives to the present transportation options. Volt will provide reliable, sustainable and affordable transportation services to help promote the environmental efforts of their customers.   

Team members 

  • Liam Israels         
  • Ethan Milroy       
  • Katherine O'hare              
  • Noah Dreyfuss