WE SPEAK: Results of the Faculty & Staff Survey 2020


The results of the WE SPEAK Faculty and Staff Survey 2020 are out and participation from faculty and staff was very good. Western is an engaged community! The survey, conducted in January and February measured work engagement, division/faculty engagement and organizational engagement.

  • Response rates are higher than our last survey in 2017. More than 3,800 Western faculty and staff members (of 6,000 possible respondents) took part. The overall response rate increased from approximately 45% in 2017 to 64% in 2020.
  • Full-time staff had an 82% response rate and full-time faculty members had a 63% response rate.
  • Western had notably high Organizational Engagement scores (74.6%).
  • Overall, Organizational Engagement scores are slightly higher than in 2017, while Faculty/Division Engagement and Work Engagement are somewhat lower.
  • In general, staff members show higher levels of Organizational Engagement and Division/Faculty Engagement than faculty members, while faculty members show higher levels in Work Engagement.
  • In Culture Values, Western saw an increase of 2.4% in Innovation, but a decrease in Human Relations (-2.6%), Results Oriented (-2.3%) and Stability (-3%).

Please take some time to review the Western-wide results. They will give you a good overview of where Western is, and reveal how our community feels about their jobs, their work area and their university.

Your Faculty/Department results

In addition to accessing the Western-wide results, Deans and Associate Vice-Presidents are receiving detailed results for their own Faculty/Department, and the results are rich and go deep. Leaders are meeting with the President of Metrics@Work, the company that conducted the survey, to fully review and understand the results. Following this, local results will be shared with members of faculties and departments over the coming months.

What's next?

We all have a common goal: we want Western to be a great place to work. The survey results help us to identify our strengths, our weaknesses and the opportunities that exist for improvement - both university-wide and within our teams. So, in addition to reviewing areas of strength, there are also areas where we need to dig deeper to understand opportunities for improvement across Western.

Your Faculty/Department results will also open the door to begin dialogue on what changes are needed at the local level.

We hope you will begin by taking the time to review and celebrate the positive results to be found in the University-wide data and the results from your own faculty or division.

Results and resources

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If you have any questions about the survey or results, please contact hrhelp@uwo.ca.

If you require Human Resources forms, documents or other information in an alternative format, please contact hrhelp@uwo.ca.

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