WE SPEAK: Faculty & Staff Survey 2020


The 2020 WE SPEAK Survey is complete.  Thank you for participating!

Results will be available in late April

The 2020 WE SPEAK Survey was designed to measure the workplace culture and engagement of our faculty and staff. The survey ran from January 28 to February 14, 2020. The results will provide insight for your team into strengths, and into areas that may need improvement.

WE SPEAK was conducted at arm's length by the Canadian company Metrics@Work. The survey was confidential and participation optional.


Paricipants were given the option to participate in a draw to win prizes including Gift Cards from Amazon, Western’s Hospitality Services and Cineplex Movie Theatres.

Congratulations! Metrics@Work identified the following prize winners:

Claudia Mendez 
Craig Clifford 
Crystal Lamb 
Eliseos Mucaki
Heather Johanson 
Jeremy Thuss 
Jessie Goldberg 
Karen Murray 
Ron Lillycropp 
Scott Charlton 
Ted Baerg 
Trevor Semple 
Wayne Drummond 
Zhiqiang Wang 

What is engagement and why does it matter?

Employee engagement is "a positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterized by vigour, dedication, and absorption." (Wilman Schaufeli, Utrecht University).

According to Western Professor John Meyer (Industrial and Organization Psychology), engagement matters because engaged employees are willing to go above and beyond, they are more effective, are absent less often, and are more likely to stay longer. Importantly, engagement also relates positively to employees' own physical and psychological well-being.

Western is committed to making our university the very best place to work and you have an important role in making that happen. Your voice matters.



2017 WE SPEAK Survey Results

Western has conducted two Faculty and Staff surveys in the past - in 2017 and in 2012. Here are results from the 2017 survey (Western login required).

Summary of Key Results - 2017 - This summary will give you a quick overview of participation rates, identified areas of strength, and areas where there is opportunity for improvement

Western-wide WE SPEAK survey results - 2017 - This is a more detailed version of Western-wide results.

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